RIFF at iO Chicago

Project role: Improvisor
Location: iO, Chicago

I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially joined the cast of RIFF: Chicago’s Music Improv Party!

I initially auditioned for RIFF in mid 2017 (though it was called VAMP at the time.) Unfortunately I misunderstood their callback procedure and was not in town when they invited me to come back in for round two. So I was very happy when in 2018 I received a message from head honcho Keenan Camp inviting me to pick up where we’d left off at that year’s callbacks. Following those, I guested in a few performances in an unofficial capacity before becoming a full member at the start of 2019.

I’ve been having an absolute blast at these shows. Music improv is one of my favorite things and this is the first time EVER I’ve gotten to do it with a full band - which is a downright giddy experience. It’s also my first time performing at iO! It’s a wonderful group of people and I count myself very lucky to join in on the fun.


Shows are every Friday and Saturday at 10:30 at iO Chicago. Casts are rotating so I’m not there every night but will try to keep my website calendar up to date regarding when I will be.

You can follow RIFF on facebook, or get tickets at the iO website here.