Creative Services

In addition to performing, I've worked for over a decade as a creative freelancer. Below are some of the services I currently offer.


Video Production, Editing, & Design

I took my first professional video jobs at the age of 17, and have worked steadily in the field ever since.  From live events to promotional spots to effects work to good old fashioned narrative scene cutting, I've covered just about all the basis there are. My experience as a voice actor makes me a one stop shop for affordable promos and ads in particular!

My rates are flexible and vary by project. Feel free to drop me a line at!

Performance Reels

Actors, voice artists, comedians - whatever kind of performer you are, I can get you an affordable, professional reel with a quick turnaround at a competitive price. If you're based in Chicago, I can help you shoot materials! If you live elsewhere, no problem. Just send me your clips (or sources) and we can do this whole thing online. Click here for more information.

Tape to Digital Conversion

Have old video and audio tapes collecting dust? Don't want to lose the precious memories they contain? No problem. I'm set up to easily convert just about any tape format (including VHS, Hi-8, MiniDV, and Audio Casette) to digital files, or if you prefer, CD or DVD. Pickup and delivery available for the Chicago area - anywhere else you just need to cover shipping! Click here for pricing and more information.

Graphic Design

My graphic design portfolio includes poster designs, logos, and eye-catching web promotions. You can check out my sample gallery here and email me for more information at I offer low and flexible rates that underbid most professional designers.

Writing & Consulting

I often hire out my writing and writing consultant services for advertising campaigns, corporate videos, and more. I specialize in witty and fun, so if your project could use an extra dash of that, let's talk! Writing gallery page coming soon; feel free to email me in the meantime at

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