Tape to Digital Conversion


Preserve and Share Your Memories

Whether you've got home movies, audio recordings, or any other rare piece of media you want digitally preserved, digital conversion is the way to go. Check out the options below and email me to get started!

Pickup and delivery available in the Chicago area. For all other areas, you simply pay shipping for the tapes.

For physical media options, please note that DVDs hold about 2 hours of footage, CDs 80 minutes of audio.

Preserve your memories with a simple conversion to the format of your choice. $10 per hour of converted tape. Sent as a digital file and/or uploaded to youtube at no additional charge. If you'd like a physical disc, just add $5 per required DVD or CD.

Receive a DVD complete with menus and chapters, each event or piece of media seperated and labeled for easy navigation. $25 per hour of footage plus $5 per required DVD.

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