Proofread the President

Project Role: Writer
Location: Chicago / Wherever

Earlier this week, on a sleepless whim, I started an Instagram account featuring a handful of real Trump tweets which I’d marked up proofreading-style and graded. I gave it a couple mentions from other social media accounts to gauge interest. To my surprise, it accumulated 500 followers in the first two days and continues to grow.

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Thank you for not smocking.

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Obviously there’s no end of source material and the posts take minimal effort to create, so I plan to keep updating regularly and see how it goes. Before making the account, I searched around a bit to see if anyone had beat me to the punch. Obviously I’m not the first to parse out the amazing typos and baffling grammar of our Stable-Genius-in-Chief, but as far as I can tell there are no other accounts dedicated to this exercise in futility, and I’m happy to claim it.

Beats screaming.