July 2017, a Roundup

This month I returned to Chicago to hit the pavement. The refreshingly mild summer has been a perfect backdrop for auditions, comedy shows, and meeting new and exciting artists all over the city.

On July 8th I joined the local cast of Dinner Detective, which I wrote about in a previous blog post. Looking forward to getting into the flow with the rest of the company over the next few weeks!

Brian and I got back to performing improv as Dog & Friend Dog; a truly welcome experience after a 9 month hiatus (!) from improvising as a duo. Thanks to The Hymn Brothers at The Bug House and the producers of Nite Brunch at The Playground Theater for having us over to shake the dust off and get back to the simple pleasures of makin' stuff up. We also (individually) joined the cast of Musical Improv Night (or "MINT") for their new season! Performances by this large collective will be Wednesday nights at 7:30 at MCL Chicago through November 15th. More info is available here, and I plan on writing another blog post about the experience once it gets rolling.

Logo for The Bughouse Theatre

Logo for The Bughouse Theatre

Work began in earnest for a couple of future productions as well. I'm pleased to announce that Brian and I are teaming up with Chicago comedians Michelle Leatherby and Molly Kessler to write and perform a (yet unnamed) sketch show in The Blackout Cabaret at Second City! Shows will be 9/15 and 9/22 at 7:30pm, then 10/6 and 10/13 at 9:00pm. I'll definitely write an update when we get closer. I'm also thrilled to announce that Friend Dog Studios is partnering up once again with our friend Ryan McCall to create our second musical; a (also yet unnamed) Christmas show that's set to premiere THIS December at The Living Room Theatre in Kansas City! You can read all about our previous musical venture here. More info on that as soon as we...um...write it. Boy I'd better get to work.