Project Role: Actor
Location: Kansas City, MO

"Auxier, a comic writer and actor, is a pleasure to watch, his nuanced performance infused with humor, sheepishness and sensitivity." - The Pitch

"Auxier and Kirk have great chemistry and the scenes in their apartment were relatable and natural. Auxier brings real weight and compassion to his scenes with Esther..." - PerformInk


I had the absolute pleasure of co-starring in the new play Shearwater at The Living Room Theatre in Kansas City. This world premiere workshop production ran between January 18th and February 2nd of 2017 and was warmly received by audiences for its charm, wit, and heart, carefully woven by KC playwright Victor Wishna.

"Ben, a struggling novelist, has lucked into the gig of a lifetime: ghostwriting a memoir for Esther Lindman, the colorful and infamously outspoken widow of one of the 20th century’s greatest American artists. But when the stories don’t add up, and new pressures mount at home, Ben just digs deeper, soon discovering that truth—like art—is in the eye of the beholder."

I played the role of...Ben, and was thrilled to get an opportunity to costar with celebrated veteran of the KC stage and beyond, Peggy Freisen, as well as my frequent collaborator and good friend Ellen Kirk in this brand new piece directed by Living Room managing director Shawnna Journagan.